Mountain Air

music by Oliveros, Brown, Stepančić

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Ghost Ensemble Presents

online solo and duo performances

recent events:

June 30, 2021: Ben Richter

music for accordion

by Pauline Oliveros, Ben Richter, and James Tenney

June 10, 2021: Margaret Lancaster

music for flute(s), electronics, drone, and cellophane dress

by Chris Chafe, Lou Harrison, Elizabeth Hoffman, James Ilgenfritz, and Ben Richter

May 20, 2021: Carrie Frey & Robert Fleitz

music for viola and piano

by Adrianne Munden-Dixon, Eva-Maria Houben, Jeffrey Mumford, Klaus Lang, Andrew Stock, and Reiko Füting

May 6, 2021: Lucia Stavros & Tyler J. Borden

music for harp and violoncello

by Carl Bettendorf, Elliott Carter, Jessie Cox, Caroline Miller, and Isang Yun

We Who Walk Again

music by Macklay, Oliveros, Richter

LP and download

available now

praise for We Who Walk Again

wonderful … serene, rippling waves … stirring, ominous surges of sound … both exhilarating and a bit scary … thrums, throbs, and glides with surging and ebbing density.” (Margasak, Bandcamp Daily) • “Very fine ensemble playing — excellent listening to one another … cloudy, mysterious and dark … Beckettian in its slow spread … a group to keep an eye on.” (Olewnick, Just Outside) • “Beautifully performed and recorded … keeping you in the present … a body-felt sound mass … a multifaceted texture that evokes the primeval.” (Wilhoite, Meg's New Music Blog) • “prodigious … considerable dramatic heft … a thrilling listen … well-crafted and eloquent.” (Carey, Sequenza21)

cover photo by Steven Gunther, REDCAT, March 6, 2020.